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Oh, how I wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I've been transferring music from burned cdrs and dvdrs to my hard drive and external hd, and tagging them in winamp. They're mostly Japanese, and the gracenote tagging has been quick, mostly accurate, and a saviour for actually finding out the artist name and song title for a lot of songs that were complete mysteries. I've gone through 122 cds, with approximately 288 to go. After the tagging issue suddenly arose a few days ago, I googled for a solution, and found a few old threads by people with the same problem, with a few suggestions for fixes - update addons, do a complete winamp uninstall and clean install, roll back computer to a previous restore date, and so on. Needless to say, none of them worked. I've downloaded mp3tag, and the mp3 source for, so it sort of does the job, but it's quite tedious, and can't identify any of the unknown songs by unknown artists.

Thank you for explaining what the problem is. I was getting pretty frustrated trying to find a solution when there isn't one. I didn't even realize winamp had new owners. That's good news, as I've been using it for as long as I've had a computer (with the old mac osx aqua skin), and don't care for any of the alternatives I've used. The autotag function, however, is one of the best things about it, so I look forward to the day it works again. Hopefully it will be as helpful and intuitive as the previous one.
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