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well this friggin sucks! WINAMP has been my go-to player for so long I can't even remember a time when I used anything else... but now it appears to be that time.

I've downloaded every suggested MP3 tagging program and they are super bloated and incredibly difficult to use. Rename&Tag was one, i think.. then Magic Tagger... then the one mentioned a few posts up, MP3Tag... there is no way to simply play a song within those programs and click one button and BAM, tagged.. no, of course these people make it incredibly difficult and explain nothing.

is there ANY other player out there that is ACTUALLY user friendly and easy tag or am I stuck using WinAMP and manually tagging my albums? This really sucks, I wish WinAMP had thought of the millions of users it has and maybe set some things up for a smooth transition to another owner.. there are thousands of companies that are purchased that you wouldn't even realize because they don't want to lose customers to rivals... it's really too bad because I love WinAMP and to read that things won't be back to normal until 2015 (more than likely), it just sucks.
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