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let me clarify that I have np with musicbrainz as a source for normal tags, which is what EAC inserts, I just don't want winamp to insert MB specific tag fields/frames that I don't want, or at the very least have the option to opt out of those frames being inserted.
i have noticed that as we could probably only get away with 2 or 3 of the ones that are added by Picard for example. though i'm leaning towards adding anything which can be calculated so we offer as much compatibility with other players / services which rely on those tags as well as having to minimise the amount of further remote lookups than is needed to be done.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
4. it would be a really great idea to use a system that does use these multiple sources, and also does its own thing. what I mean is a system that adds a tag for the md5 hash value, audio fingerprinting, degree of confidence comparisons and so on...
there will be a finger print aspect, most likely provided via the AcoustID system which then allows us to obtain Musicbrainz ids and go from there. the overall aim is we rely more on Musicbrainz ids which allows for better interoperability with other systems so we can swap and change services as needed down the road without too much pain (unlike the situation we're now under).
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