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we [Winamp] will not use Gracenote as its too expensive and limits what can be used in the player for other aspects (and is one of the ways that will allow us to keep Winamp free - unless everyone wants to pay to use such features...). and I was not aware that they [Gracenote] had changed ownership like we have as well.

for fingerprinting I'd suggest having a looking at the acoustid details from the link mrsinatra posted.

obviously we don't know how the replacement will fare since it all depends on the quality of the information in the system (like I'm finding artwork lookup via musicbrainz's service very hit and miss whereas's gets something most of the time but the image sizes can really vary). and just like how what was used worked well for some, for others and myself included it often gave poor results (which is annoying when I've got the physical CD and case with me to find someone has entered crap into the system).
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