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I still use an old CDex v1.51 to burn CDs with when I don't use Winamp.

It uses to lookup Disc information. I used to use it a lot more often in the past because of the normalization you could do with it which Winamp did not do at the time or handle as well (some of my classical CDs you can barely hear because the overall volume is so low). It also allowed me to enter start/end sector offset values because Winamp would record the start of the next track at the end of the current track on the system I had at the time.

Regardless, usually, I had to manually edit the results with both programs as the data was only as accurate as it was entered by someone. The old "garbage in, garbage out" saying applies.

So, I guess if I rip any CDs now, I'll need to go back to CDex to do the initial lookup.
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