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Originally Posted by xenakis View Post
Do you know which tagging softwares still use Gracenote database? Does e.g. TuneUp use Gracenote?
I think Tuneup did use Gracenote, but I believe they also ran into financial difficulties.
They have new ownership, but the app I downloaded this week was full of PUPs,
and after Malwarebytes had cleaned up the mess, I could not get the product to run.

Gracenote now have deals with Sony, microsoft/Xbox, apple/itunes and google/play.
I have come to the conclusion that we are just no longer going to be able to find access to their service for free any more.

Arguably it was the users who built up the tagging/fingerprint Gracenote database and we will just need to build up another one. Musicbrainz seem to have made a good start.
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