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Originally Posted by whitesocks View Post
Arguably it was the users who built up the tagging/fingerprint Gracenote database and we will just need to build up another one. Musicbrainz seem to have made a good start.
that probably is true, especially in the early days (along with other services that helped fill up that system - which is why it generally does so well for old material). and with so many things using musicbrainz ids now (and having done so for ages e.g. coverart lookup), even just getting the basic tag handling support into the player for handling will be a bonus to start with as that opens up a number of possibilities as well as interoperability improvements with other software / services which we weren't able to do previously.

and i know that whatever we do, there are going to be people who despise it, but as the Gracenote termination applies to _all_ Winamp clients (even those on 2.x installs), sometimes a change and a fresh start on what is used will be better in the long run, though only time will tell. and it's not like people need to rely on the information which is pulled down from whatever service(s) end up being used since most aspects can be manually overridden (just like has been able to be done for years).
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