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We're currently running Shoutcast v2.5.1.724 with sc_trans to handle the DJ/playlist.
Hi MegaRock,

Currently, everthing is set up so DJ's can log in whenever they wish, but on a Saturday at 5pm we have a networked show which we broadcast, and then on a sunday we have a podcast that we stream.
Ideally we'd like the server to handle the playlist/podcast switch .
Is that possible?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="playlist">
<calendar startdate="yyyy/mm/dd" enddate="yyyy/mm/dd" starttime="hh:mm:ss" duration="hh:mm:ss" repeat="#"/>

<playlist loopatend="1" shuffle="1" priority="">

<dj archive="0" priority="1">dj_one</dj>
<dj archive="0" priority="1">dj_two</dj>
<dj archive="0" priority="1">dj_three</dj>
<relay url="http://networked_show:9000" priority="1"/>

I just don't know how to configure it iin the calendar.xml
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