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We have an LPFM station where the link between the studio and the transmitter is via the internet. The studio audio feeds an encoded and stream server. At the transmitter, we have Winamp 5.666 set for repeat and pointed at the URL for the studio stream. Should the stream get interrupted, when it returns, Winamp reconnects automatically. 5.8 would not do that.

I realize there are hardware alternatives to this that would stay connected 24/7, but this was a handy and inexpensive way do the studio to transmitter link.

We do pull some programs from providers that connect to their stream server to "transmit" the program and when it is over, they disconnect from their stream server. The agreement is that if you want to rebroadcast the program, you have to grab it and broadcast it while it is streaming or record it for later use. They do not record program and make them available for later use. So, we setup Winamp and Sound Tap by NCH to grab the audio as it streams. Works great because we preview the shows first before airing them.

This is one of those features that if it does not make it back into later versions, it is not a big deal because 5.666 does it fine and that's all that matters.

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