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Hello nonameman,
I have not yet tried renaming a file during a play in Winamp or Windows Media Player.
On my husband's computer I couldn't change the tags in a file via right-click and properties, while it was opened and played in his Windows Media Player. I couldn't also do it, when I was checking a new file in IrfanView on my computer to choose a genre. I am wondering, that You can rename a file, although it is currently played in Windows Media Player. Maybe I should test it with new incoming files.
A file can be tagged directly in the playlist editor of Winamp, while the file is played, I have already done it. But for renaming a file I would suggest to wait, until the next track is played or until the playlist editor is cleared.
Maybe someone else has another suggestion.
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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