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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Yep, that would've been clear enough if I wouldn't have MY pro features suddenly unlocked haha. I'm not sure what happened there, but I have my suspicion..
Could it be that the installer you used was a pirated one with the Pro features unlocked? I suggest being careful using that configuration (monitor your net traffic when using it), other strange things may be going on.

Or could be things in the cosmos lined up just right and you got lucky.

I applaud your efforts to provide a single point of reference for what's going on with the announced AOL shutdown, but you need to be extra careful when stating 'facts'. Anyone rushing to download now, just to get the Pro features for free, deserve the disappointment, imo.

I read at the other site how you got your version. I've had the same problem keeping private(test) and public versions separate. Sorry, I should have guessed that instead of suggesting that you would use pirated stuff.

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