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Looks like you´re putting your best effort on it! I have a lot of ideas actually, just filtered it to the ones that could give a plus to the site (or a distinctive feature so it´s not just a repository-web).
In the same line, (maybe you already think of this..) I think that if those skins you mention could be "repaired" before uploading, it would also be a great addittion to the site, making it unique, a reference for actually working skins, something Deviantart doesn´t have nor, which depends on every -usually absent- uploader.. but again, idea may be just nonsense if it´s work for just one guy, let´s hope someone come up willing to help with that.. (I´m not so good at coding, I could try, but I´m afraid I´m not the best bet for it).

Another idea (just a minor thing), what about a space for "hidden gems"? Instead of the classic "featured skins" (or in adittion to), you can have some sort of monthly/weekly article where you feature skins that were somehow ignored when released but still are quite good skins.. the idea is the same as the new "undiscovered" feature of devart but in this case it´s focused on one skin at the time (with a couple of words saying why it is a good skin or what makes it good, etc)..
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