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You need to include a manifest in your application so that Windows does not apply the file redirection compatibility shim.

This probably only happens if your program tries to write to "C:\Program Files (x86) \Label\FarmManager NETWORK" which it should not do in the first place because it is bad practice and a possible security issue if you changed the ACL of this folder.

Your application should write to CSIDL_APPDATA or CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA.

Setting the run as administrator property is the wrong solution. You should fix your application. How annoying is it for your users to run something as administrator every time? What happens if a user starts your application from a different shortcut? Starts the .exe directly? Used "Open With" etc?

If you want to do the wrong thing then you should have searched before asking, this has been discussed a million times before:

While it is possible to pin a shortcut to the taskbar I'm not going to tell you how because the user is supposed to be in control of their pinned items. See also:

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