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I tried it too after reading the above post.

Funny thing happened.

Although like you, I didn't notice any volume loss (or quality loss for that matter), and I also noticed that it's still playing in stereo! Songs with obvious left-only or right-only sound are still playing that way!

For example, I played Lenny Kravitz's song "American Woman". This song keeps a guitar solo on right channel only beginning at about one minute and 33 seconds in. Left channel has only a faint hint of the solo going on, whereas right channel has the solo loud and clear as if the performer is right next to you on the right.

The above description of sound remains consistent whether you have "force mono" checked or not, even if you close the preferences window after making your selection. In other words, checking that box seems (to me at least) to do nothing but leave the sound as-is.

It is my observation that the option simply doesn't work at all and is more or less a placebo.

That's pretty funny if you ask me.

I'm curious to know what else doesn't work!

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