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Thanks Nitorami. I am collaborating on a project where I am gathering every preset I can find that uses sampler images, around 40-50 different ones in total, and then setting about changing the images and making some minor code tweaks, usually just by trial and error. Otherwise I have no skills at all in preset authoring and find the code extremely difficult to understand. Nonetheless, the results I am getting are beautiful, it's only this issue that's causing a problem for some of the images and presets.

I have read the preset authoring guide re aspect ratios, and managed to make the change using 'aspect.xy', but it only works for square images. The only other solution I can think of is to convert the tall or wide images to square-shaped, so they stay in the correct proportions whatever the screen ratio. Any ideas how to change the code in the example to solve this?

By the way, you may be interested in work I am also doing on sprites, which don't seem to have had much attention over the years. I am about to release a package based around high-quality, high-resolution images and a reworked 'milk2_img.ini' file. Normally these images would be impossible to use as presets usually freeze for long periods of time as the images are loaded into memory. A programmer I am collaborating with on a project called NestDrop has come up with a solution so this is no longer an issue. The results are absolutely amazing and will give Milkdrop a new lease of life. This is an almost untapped area of Milkdrop and I have set about to change that.
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