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... and for Dr Flay, Cause I love Winamp. I have used it since the 90s to play my mp3s. I love the way I could have a song list and player and video windows and a graphic eq, and a level meter all in different windows i could place anywhere on several desktops using it as a jukebox. I have tried many many video jukeboxes over the years and they are either way to hard to set up, or have overdone themselves with a billion useless features, or both. The best Jukebox was Aussiejuke, no longer supported, however all it did was show you a list of songs like an old jukjebox, click on the song, it played. So simple. anyway I digress. Winamp is just a great program, and I would like to use it for videos again. I know I did have it working once long long ago somehow. I cant wait to have it going again. Cheers
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