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Hi OzDrDj,

Winamp has always been hit or miss when playing video files. Sometimes the file extension on a file doesn't indicate the format(s) the file really uses. Winamp trusts file extensions to be accurate and doesn't examine within the files themselves. You can download and use the free app "MediaInfo" to examine any video or audio file to see what format(s) it uses.

If your file is really an mp4, check if your configuration has the input plug-in "in_mp4.dll" installed. If it does, make sure it is configured for the "MP4" file type and that all of the other installed input plug-ins are not.

If you don't have the "in_mp4.dll" plug-in or it doesn't work; you can download and install a set of free DirectShow video file decoders. Then configure the installed "in_dshow.dll" input plug-in for all of the video file types you use and make sure that the other installed input plug-ins are not configured for them.

Restart Winamp after any configuration changes (to be sure they are applied).

There is a third way to get Winamp to play video files, but try these 2 first. If neither works, post back and I will direct you to the info about the 3rd alternative.

Good Luck.

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