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Old game seems to block winamp-sound

I'd like to play an old game (Killer Loop Demo (released 1999)) and music using winamp at the same time as I used to 10 years ago. But nowadays winamp silences the moment the game starts. The winamp sound returns if I quit the game or return to windows pressing alt+tab.

The same problem appears using vlc, but it works fine if I play my mp3s using windows media player. This lets me think that it is not a game/compatibility/hardware/driver/... issue. Anyway I'm running windows 7/64bit and winamp 5.601.

So is there a sort of "sound hierarchy" in windows 7, how can I get winamp to act as dominant as the windows media player? I already found and fooled around with the "exclusive mode" in "Sound/Preferences/more options" (translated from German), but - of course - withou success.

Thank you very much!

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