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soundcard pronlems on windos 7

hi i am new here and i don't know exactly if this question has been asked before.
1) i have the latest winamp version
2)i have windows 7
3) i have a very good mic
4)i have the sountcast plugin
so... i am trying to broadcast from my pc to a server. i've made all the settings/configs and i am transmitting to my server. the problem... when on the plugin configuration i select source from winamp my radio transmitting what it plays, but i want to speak from my mic. so i choose sound card. it doesn't hears anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have try to play from a million of players but it doesn't hear anything. but when i push the mic they can hear me very well...i have try almost anything but nothing seems to work. ofource i have open the mixer and i thing that i have found the problem.copy the link to the picture below. it shows the winamp and the other players to have their own volume level adjuster. please help me i need it very much.
oh! my radio station is this if i fix this prob then i will be in from 6:00-8:00
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