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ok, once again, BP, many thx...

i was still having weird issues, and so i did some hunting, first was this invaluable tool:

an absolutely priceless and easy way to take ownership.

but after that, as explained in this thread, you still have to redo permissions, and so i used what was in this thread and this link:

and my own guesses from reading everything that i HOPE i finally have things straightened out, and now have access to everything. i'd love to find a reg hack for this too however.

if i knew of a file system that both win7 and mac natively worked well with, and ignored all this permissions bullshit, i would use that.

(i understand permissions are important, but not in this case. this isn't sensitive info, i should be easily able to tell the OS "this is public info, don't restrict access.")

i can only hope future rips won't get screwy, meaning they inherit what seems to work now.

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