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(dunno how i never got around to replying to this).

The problem is (is also flagged up in the 'Unicode Taskbar Compatibility Listing' section):
Playa Control - Control Winamp with Android [gen_playa_control.dll]

Other than seeing if there is an update, you'll need to install the unicode taskbar fixer and see if that resolves it (which it should).

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
btw, nunz reports 5.62 when in reality i have 5.621 does nunz truncate the ver number?
that's because it's only reporting what Winamp gives back to it. there is a way to get a pre-done string with the full version, though the 0.00x versioning was never really envisioned in the version api Winamp has (which we cannot break).

i did briefly work on a patch to make it possible to get that but for it to work properly it then requires other people to change things in the build system so it's gone into my ignore pile.

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