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Hi Benj64,

I'm using the latest Winamp beta ( and auto-tag is working on my system when used as you describe. I see the working notice briefly appear before the data appears. Then clicking on OK saves the updated info.

Make sure your files are not set as read-only. Are your files located on a local drive or a network or otherwise attached drive? Use the Winamp Info Tool to generate an extended report of your Winamp configuration. Zip it and attach the zip file to a post. The link below allows you to get the latest beta (4.1) of the tool, see post #251.

Although Winamp's Gracenote supported auto-tag is working for me, I don't use it because I frequently get bad results. The artist and/or song title is changed, so all the other tags are also wrong. I find that "Mp3Tag" provides better results (also not perfect) for my files that need missing tag info. Better info trumps convenience for me.

Did DrO's comments help with your other 2 problems?

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