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BUG: Small bug in ML

so this is a small bug, and probably has to do with race conditions or something like that.

using win7 / latest winamp w/patches.

make a smartview and view it as albumartist/albumart with the art as icons.

have a wav file (b/c it has no tags, or an mp3 ur certain has no tags) in the smartview, along with some normal, properly tagged mp3s.

you will see a blank albumart placeholder in the upper left of the art pane. it represents the wav file. in the tracks pane, you will see the wav file as a mostly blank row except for title and filepath.

now select the art-pane album-art-icon, and you will see NOTHING in the tracks pane. 0 items.

so, its some minor bug of some sort afaict, which based on previous bugs and discussions we've had I'm assuming is based on race conditions.

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