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it is not a design decision. winamp shows a placeholder for something no matter what. what makes no sense, is that when you click on the placeholder no tracks would show. that would not be deliberate, or make sense if it were. the tagless tracks show if no placeholder is selected.

you can test it yourself, just stick a wav or tagless file into any given smartview you have.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Probably a design decision. Artwork is not saved in the media library records. Artwork is pulled from the file, folder, or Winamp artwork caches as needed.
it has nothing to do with artwork or caches.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Since the placeholder image is used for any folder of song files without a recognized external image file or embedded image in the files, it is probably not associated with the records of such files. In other words, if you click on a placeholder image Winamp has no way to know which file is wanted (better to show no file than all those that fit that circumstance?).
that's not how winamp works. this is something I have explained to you in various ways many times. winamp does not create multiple placeholders based on multiple artworks.

the way winamp works is that it DOES show ALL files that "fit the circumstance" which namely is the album name tag used. its just that in this circumstance, for some reason, it isn't. nothing to do with artwork. (if you had three greatest hits albums each with its own art, winamp would just use one artwork, and create one placeholder, but show all 3 albums tracks, as discussed in the links)

I think the reason for this bug is that this is an odd / unique case of being tagless and the race conditions don't account for it. just my best guess.

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