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yeah, but the problem is guessing is guessing, and even if you use it, it may not work. besides, a wav user might have other files they don't want guessed at, so they choose not to use guessing.

your point that the DB can have manual entries is well taken, but its not a permanent fix in the sense that the DB can lose the info, the file can be moved, etc. if a filename is used for the title, its not really that big a stretch to use it for artist and album as well, right?

that would address wav files and similar tagless files, but I'm not sure how to best address a situation where you have a mp3 that does have tags, and yet deliberately has say the artist field blank, (and I have not tested all such permutations yet anyway). so for that its a thorny issue, and I'd have to say that if any tags are present at all, even blank ones, winamp should reflect that reality, and ergo the bug might persist.

so fixing the race condition is probably necessary to address that scenario. but for tagless files, I do think using filename for artist, album, and title is potentially a good solution.

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