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ofcourse it's not a permanent fix. that's never going to happen if you're working with tag-less files in a tag-centric media library.

guessing or manual input or force setting the filename for the value(s) is all the same - it's trying to do something to an item which doesn't natively provide the means and is thus a hack plain and simple.

as for tagged files with empty fields, they get left as-is i.e. if they're empty, that's how they're stored and treated. and that is likely what is going to happen with tag-less files as well. as it's going to mess up things more and with the way the library works, unless we store a flag or something to track 'real' tags vs 'fake' tags, it's just going to make the library more of a mess - as it doesn't care about the origin of the data as it doesn't use it - it just uses what was stored in the db.

whatever the case, the issue is logged and that's all that can be done for the time being. what gets changed / fixed will depend on what the cause of the issue is found to be or even if it will be fixed at all (as i know it's weird, but trying to cater for massively empty field items is also wrong imho when looking at the aim of the library, the same with applying the filename hack option).
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