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I don't recommend using any older version....

Before trying anything drastic, let's make sure it's not one of your 3rd-party plugins to blame.

EZ-PlayList Plug-In v1.4 [gen_EZPlaylist.dll]
LeosLyrics Plugin [Gen_LeosLyrics.dll]

With Winamp closed, go to the "C:\Archivos de programa\Winamp\Plugins" folder
Create a new "Backup" subfolder in there
Cut & paste those two DLL files into it.

Reopen Winamp

Does the problem persist?

If yes, then we'll look at the config files in %appdata%\winamp
namely: plugins\gen_ml.ini and plugins\ml\*.vmd

By the way, although probably not related to the problem,
I recommend that you switch to using the Nullsoft MPC Decoder (v1.0 Beta) instead of the old Musepack reference one,
and that you switch to using DirectSound Output instead of WaveOut (Prefs -> Plugins -> Output).
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