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while i can go delete the 'main' file as suggested, i dont have a problem doing that. i just dont see how that could be a problem since i literally just reformatted my computer 2 weeks ago and winamp is freshly installed on a fresh install of windows so it seems problematic that this could happen so rapidly. not sure if it has anything to do with the size of my library (?) which is over 9000

<insert OVER 9000!!!! joke here>

i also have the winamp install customized and sliced down pretty much to the bare minimum of winamp. i just use the core functionality, media library, JTF and global hotkeys. everything else i dont install. ive been using winamp for 10 years and am not a big fan of all the new stuff bundled in, although some of the functionality is definitely useful to a lot of people, i just like winamp for its basic functionality. for the longest time (ie. up until a year or two ago) i never even used the media library. i just had 1 big playlist on random that i managed exclusively manually. i would use mediamonkey for all my media playback and management but i like JTF, Global hotkeys, and the notifier popups in winamp too much to switch 100%
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