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winamp library dead

Hi, i'm using windows 7 64 bit,
ati hd4850 1gb card, 3gb pc6400 ram, plenty of hard disk space, amd athlon 8450 tri core processor.

My media librarys gone blank, its been doing it for ages, but I've just taken to uninstalling, and reinstalling it. Got abit frustrated so thought i'd see if there was a work around.

I've got the main.dat and main.idx files backed up, deleted them from the directory. its now working, but the library's blank. Minor annoyance, slightly quicker than re-installing. The question is do you want these files, or has this been filed under the cannot replicate category?

Oh im using v5.56

Plugin wise, i'm only using standard free winamp, no extras, no customisation except global hotkeys, and winamp classic skin.
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