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Prevent NSISVCLStyles from affecting child windows

Hey guys. Given the sample code below... when you press next, a fileselect dialog pops-up. Is it possible to prevent skinning of this dialog and child windows in general?

Plugin has a way to unskin controls (NSISVCLStyles::RemoveStyleControl), but I don't know if it is good enough for windows. If yes, can you please assist me with doing this? If not, are there any other options? Maybe I can unload the .dll at some right time or something... The reason for this is that more often than not the plugin breaks/changes child windows in undesirable ways.
PHP Code:
!include "MUI2.nsh"
Name "Modern UI Test"
OutFile "Basic.exe"
Function .onInit
/oname=$PLUGINSDIR\xxx.vsf "resources\xxx.vsf"
NSISVCLStyles::LoadVCLStyle $PLUGINSDIR\xxx.vsf

Page custom pgPageCreate pgPageLeave

Function pgPageCreate
::SelectFileDialog "bla-bla" "$0" "bla"
Function pgPageLeave

"Dummy Section" SecDummy
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