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v2 DNAS stream path issue

Hello I have a problem with shoutcast2. All I have did autohash and what else should I use SAM Broadcaster and dedicated server Linux Susse ControlPanel castcontrol for streming.
When I try to start streming in Winamp I get the following [CONECTING TO HOST]
and the address should be Can you help me what could be the problem
Best Regards
Log file: /home/www/web31/html/cast/content/user_1/shoutcast2/9000_10/logs/sc_serv.log
Configuration file: ./etc/sc_serv2.conf
Intro file is empty
Backup file is empty

Source idle timeouts are 30s
Source connected from

Stream artwork not available
Playing artwork not available

Server Status: Server is currently up and public (YP connected)
Stream Status: Stream is up at 64 kbps with 0 of 100 listeners (0 unique)
Listener Peak: 0
Stream Name: Pet Plus Radio
Content Type: audio/mpeg
Stream Genre: Traditional Folk
Stream URL:
Current Song: Milorad Gagic xxx - Kad nase zarastu staze
Source: [ kick ]
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