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Originally posted by JFASI


The hardware is a tad over the top if your dealing witha 15 year old kid. In this case, it was way over the top. The SWAT men have to be armed, though. If you're facing down a drug mob or something, then you need big and powerful guns.
Yeah and I call bullshit on that. The last cop that died in the line of duty around here had a heart attack at his desk because he was a pudgy bastard. That was 10 years ago. Another one got picked off by a car during a traffic stop... 12 years ago?.

Only in the movies!.

And in a situation like this?. Where is the bean bag shotgun?.

All I would have carried.

Some of the police shootings here lately...

Shot an unarmed drug dealer.

Shot a 19 year old black pregnant girl for trying to book from a traffic stop.

Shot a 5' tall little pipsqueak mental patient in a MAX
SECURITY mental hospital... unarmed. The hospital was fully locked down.

Shot a mentally ill lady with a knife. A threat?. She was 40 feet away.

Uh huh?. Dirty Harry?.
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