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Just to add a little something to this. Nothing I do will allow me to set my music files to default to winamp anymore either. or any file for that matter.
Never had this issue with Win 10 until about a month ago.
It must have been an update they pushed, but have no idea what update may have broken it.
I can set VLC as default to any file for example, but not winamp.

I have followed many guides on how to force a file to default to a specific app, but to no avail

Still.. It will work after about five minutes of waiting for it to do whatever it's doing. Once it has loaded properly it will pop up on top of whatever window I have open, Ususally chrome.
And when it does the player is showing the correct modern skin, but the playlist is classic.
A quick switch to classic and back to modern fixes all

Damn you Win 10 :P
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