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M4A stream fails repeatedly


I'm running Winamp 5.601 with the default skin and no other active plugins.

That's a stream for a radio show that i listen to. I would like to just stream it instead of downloading it and then playing it. I did check to see if it was a network issue, but I managed to get the stream working just fine on vlc. Even though VLC is awesome , its not as awesome as winamp. I believe this doesn't use the MPEG audio decoder , but I increased the buffer there to 1024kb from the default 64 anyways. The mp4 decoder didn't have any such settings.

That's not the only stream which doesn't seem to work.
That's the feed for the radio show. As far as I recall, all the m4a links don't seem to work there.

So can someone please take a look at this "issue".

PS: It always seems to stop at around the 2 min mark or just past it.
Running windows 7 x64 sp1.
Winamp since 2000 !! A decade old fan

Also I was wondering if you guys are planning or working on a newer version of Winamp. Maybe with a UI upgrade and songs available to buy from a choice of stores or something.
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