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(i know this is an old thread but i've finally had a look...)

i'm not able to get it go past ~48seconds which in VLC seems to be when it switches from showing a cover image to not (and both players take a while to load the stream and then start playing it).

from what i can tell (without going down the rabbit whole of working through code), there's a number of streams in the file and is also likely that due to us possibly not progressively downloading the m4a file as well as we should be doing the connection effectively times out (as we download and try to play from a temp file from what i can tell to keep the library we use happy) which is why after ~48sec audio playback fails and the rest of the temp file is blank (duration varying by the file and network speed it seems).

downloading via the podcast subscription does play everything correctly and the part up to where it fails matches so that is at least something, but why it's failing to download the whole instance of the file to be able to play it (or download and play at the same time, i just don't know without working on code i'm not too hot on).

i'll add this to our internal bug tracker since we really should be able to play such files when accessed over HTTP without failing (since it's not a true stream, just a hosted audio file).
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