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Well, this is how I have done it: -
I have a CentOS 6.9 VPS. I uploaded all my Audio on it, running ShoutCast Transcoder and ShoutCast DNAS v2 on the same server.
So everything is on one single server and interconnected with each other. When new audio is uploaded to the server, I just need to rebuild the playlist.
My Radio station website is also setup and running on the same server.

Preferably, an easy-to-use interface that plays songs continuously.
And easy to add, delete song files, etc.
Well, you need to know some Linux commands, as you'd need to manage it via shell/SSH. I have installed a free VPS control panel to manage the server, it also serves as a file manager or to add or modify domains hosted on it etc.
For the adding and deleting songs part, a simple frontend uploading interface can also be installed to modify the files, if you don;t feel like logging into the control panel everytime.

So basically all you'd need to pay for is the server. You can choose it according to your needs, how much bandwidth/storage space etc. you require.

Hope this helps.

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