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How to delete duplicate songs in library

I have version 5.601. Although my music folders contain no duplicates, when I added all my music to the Winamp library, many songs got doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in the library. I have searched the forums for a way to delete the dupes, but many posts are very old, so I'm not sure what the current solution is. I saw one post that said a plug-in is required. But when I went to the plug-in description, it said nothing about removing duplicate songs. Is this information still current? Is the plug-in needed for deleting dupes?

I have given up trying to understand how/why this duplication mess happens -- it's the main reason I gave up on iTunes -- it made a huge mess of my music by duplicating files even in my main music folders in addition to the library itself. However, I don't think the current Winamps problem is related. I cleaned up my music files completely before adding them to Winamps, and I did NOT opt to import my iTunes library when I added the files.

Is there no way to PREVENT this duplicating issue from occurring?
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