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Originally Posted by Mikey7 View Post
This issue has happened to me before with Quinto CT 3.6 and the only cure was to completely remove and reinstall Winamp 5.666 (3516) including the ...\user\AppData\roaming components. Simply removing and reinstalling Quinto 3.6 does nothing and these components are still don't draw completely. It is always the components under "Options...Quinto Black CT." I've tried searching but I may not be describing this accurately.

I'm using a 4K monitor, Windows 11.
The Quinto Black CT v3.6 installer makes some bad assumptions about how you may have Winamp installed. Read this post (, it may have some info that will help you.

After fixing any installation issues, it may also be helpful to let Winamp re-build it's configuration file for modern skins (instead of a complete Winamp reinstall). The file is named "studio.xnf" and is located in your user/appdata/roaming/winamp folder. While Winamp is shutdown, rename the existing "studio.xnf" file to "" or something similar, so that you don't lose it.

Letting Winamp rebuild "studio.xnf" also means that the configuration data for any other modern skins you use, will need to be re-saved. You will need to select these other modern skins (while Winamp is running) and set them up as you had them before.

This is why you should rename the old "studio.xnf" instead of deleting it. To save time re-setting up your other modern skins (or to get them set up exactly as you had them), you can use any text editor (like notepad) to carefully copy the relevant sections from the renamed "studio.xnf" to the new one, while Winamp is shutdown. If you can't tell what is relevant, then don't try editing the new "studio.xnf".

Winamp v5.9.0.9999 - Quinto Black CT v3.6 skin
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