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Thanks very much, Aminifu - letting Winamp rebuild studio.xnf worked like a charm.

I've always been careful to ensure that Winamp (5.666 (3516)) is installed in the Program Files (x86) directory so that Quinto installs properly as I learned the hard way quite a while ago that it's a finicky little bugger.

I'm going to keep my eyes peeled this time to see if I can pinpoint when the trouble starts. It always does but at least this time around I'll be armed with the "fix" - rebuilding studio.xnf. In any event, all is well for the moment and it doesn't take that long to set Quinto back up - I'm so used to configuring the darn thing, it's almost automatic.

Honestly, given the fact that if I change from one modern skin to another modern skin and find that attributes of one skin find their way into the right-click menu of the other modern skin (usually BBM), I wouldn't be surprised if gen_ff wasn't at least partly the culprit here.

Thanks again!
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