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In giving it some thought, I have a theory as to why this might happen and it has to do with scaling modern skins. I haven't tested this yet because I don't really want the inconvenience of having to re-configure Quinto the way I like it again after letting Winamp rebuild studio.xnf but I eventually will.

I got into trouble with this not once, but at least 3 times - the first time having to re-install Winamp, then the public version of WACUP, then then this last time and again, with Winamp 5.666 (3516). I did the same thing all 3 times and it was this: I went into Big Bento Modern and set Windows scaling to 85% as that is my personal preference for BBM on a 4K panel. Big Bento gets 125%. Anyway, I'm pretty certain that every time I did that, once I went back into the Quinto optional settings and brought up Configuration or other unused options such as "VU Meter Digital Vertical" they were screwed up as shown in the screenshot above. I'm not a coder or skinner but from what I've read, this sure sounds like it could be attributed to gen_ff. I've never felt the need to either scale or change the opacity of Quinto itself.

Once I get around to testing this hypothesis, I'll come back with the results.
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