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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
That is probably true.

I like Quinto too. But I don't like having to let Winamp rebuild studio.xnf for every version update.
3.6 is the only version I ever used. I had been away from Winamp for a few years before coming back so last year when I started using it again and "discovered" Quinto, 3.6 was it.

I had posted another comment here regarding my hypothesis as to why the configuration panel and optional components weren't drawing correctly but it went into moderation a few days ago and I'm not certain why. Probably because I'm new. I wouldn't be surprised it was because I used scaling on Big Bento Modern (85% on a 4K monitor). Let's hear it for gen_ff weirdness.

(Mods - I don't see a specific breaking of the rules but if I've done something wrong, please let me know.)
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