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Originally Posted by Mikey7 View Post
3.6 is the only version I ever used. I had been away from Winamp for a few years before coming back so last year when I started using it again and "discovered" Quinto, 3.6 was it.
That explains why you didn't know about the need to rebuild studio.xnf. Or maybe you didn't read enough of the posts about Quinto Black CT in this forum's modern skins section. I know there are a lot of them (many from me).

I've been using it since PeterK's first release of his mod of the original Quinto. I liked v3.1 better than v3.6 mostly because of the album coverflow feature. Version 3.1 shows up to 4 (instead of 3) album art images of the previous and next items in the playlist.

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