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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
That explains why you didn't know about the need to rebuild studio.xnf. Or maybe you didn't read enough of the posts about Quinto Black CT in this forum's modern skins section. I know there are a lot of them (many from me).

I've been using it since PeterK's first release of his mod of the original Quinto. I liked v3.1 better than v3.6 mostly because of the album coverflow feature. Version 3.1 shows up to 4 (instead of 3) album art images of the previous and next items in the playlist.
You'd be surprised - I read through a LOT of those comments on that thread and did a lot of searching - I figured I was either not getting the search terms right or nobody else was having the same issue!

I read through enough of them to get a good feel for Quinto's evolution. I would like to have checked out the color themes but I guess I sort of get the idea of why he progressed away from color themes to the RGB color changer.

I'm really a huge fan of the skin. I finally got my license info for the Thimeo Declipper and it just seems to make a great companion - I only use it for streaming radio, otherwise, I use Replay Gain where I need it. Hard to believe the Declipper (and the larger Stereo Tool) are still in business!

Thanks again for all your help, Aminifu!
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