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Yes this bug has been annoying the hell out of me as well. It doesnt affect pre-5.32 versions.

In the media library,
first click the "track title" column,
then click the "artist" column,

Expected behaviour:
The media library is sorted with artist as first priority and track title as second priority (e.g., all tracks with matching artist will be sorted by track title). You should be able to define the sorting priority of every column.

Actual behaviour:
Only the most recently clicked column is taken into consideration, and everything else is randomized. In the example stated, the songs would be sorted by artist, but the track titles would be randomly distributed.

PLEASE fix this bug.

Also, in winamp preferences, I have enabled "sort files by name when loading multiple files" but this only takes effect when you open files from windows explorer, not from the winamp media library. Way to break winamp fellas.
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