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Here are my solutions to your problem...

If I understand correctly, your music collection is stored on the External Hard Drive and the "duplicates" are on the PC?

Preferences, Media Library, Local Media
Click on the Watch Folders tab.

Now delete the entry here for the local PC folders, keeping just the external hard drive.

Here is the tricky bit... locate the music folder on your PC and TEMPORARILY rename it or move it. The important thing is to make sure it is in a different location and "hidden" for a while.

Now in that Watch Folders page, tick the box that says "Automatically remove missing files"
And then do a rescan.

Winamp will now recheck all your folders for the music. It will now fail to find the hidden music on the PC and only catalogue your external hard drive. Your duplicates will disappear.

Once everything is happy, you may want to go back to the music folder on your PC and correct the name again or move if back from where you had hidden it.

The "Remove Missing Files" option checks to see if a file that Winamp has listed in the library is still in the same place on the hard disk. This is independent of the Watch Folders list. So it can remember music from all over the place that you may now not want to see.

Another quicker trick would be to use the SEARCH to do this clean-up manually. From the Library window, right click on the columns, select Customize Columns... and add the FILEPATH column. Now you can do a search like "C:\" and locate all of the music loading from the main PC instead of the hard drive. Do a CTRL+A to select all the tracks and then delete them.
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