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@ LeionKeY,
I am interested very much in Your Bento Color Theme from Post #293. It looks so beautiful. with Red & Yellow & Orange. Can I or we all have the PHP-Code or the XML-file here? Please post it here. Would you make for me (for us all) a joy?...
I have created a new XML-file with Notepad++ from the downloaded XML-files and the PHP-Codes, which have been posted here after the 26th October 2011. My new saved XML-file has the file-name "Forum_Members_2012_and_after", and I wish to integrate Your Bento Color Theme into my XML-file. I will edit my file again. I have planned to copy & paste it into the right locations in Winamp, of course...

PS, I have downloaded also the screenshots from here, not only the XML-files, then I can look to the beautiful screenshots, whenever I want...

Edit: I have decided to upload this XML-file to Mediafire. I can edit and update my files, I can replace a file on Mediafire, and the download-link will be the same, with the updated file. Editing a post is only possible for a few hours, it is better to post the download-link. I think, in this case it is okay to take all new themes together into 1 file and to share them again:

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