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OpenCandy was a good idea at the start (when it was able to curate decent recommendations) and tbh it probably helped to keep Winamp afloat for a while. but after a point it became dubious imho (just pushing shit stuff, not helped by internal factors on what was "good" vs "we just need money") and the need to push it more to maintain revenues was detrimental to the impact on perception of the software that was using it.

as it was Winamp that was blamed for things and it was Winamp that lost out in the process of things - as it'd also be removed along with choice words from those sending feedback about it. yes having it all setup as opt-out was intentional in-order to ensure as many valid installs (which meant $$$ still coming in), but there were friendlier ways to do it without screwing over the users who didn't want it (but then why would anyone care about them as they're not helping to bring any money in to pay the bills and all that).

it would have been amusing if OpenCandy had bought Winamp and the shit they'd have probably done to it. plus it's not hard to disable the OpenCandy aspect as per
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