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MIDI Library that compiles w/ 2.25c in VS2008

Sorry for the vague subject. Can't summarize this in one line.

I'm working in VS2008 because that what seems to be the most hassle-free environment for the included 2.25c solution.

Before anyone suggests, I'm avoiding ProjectM for now due to the fact that it doesn't always render the same as the WinAmp version, and that's important to me.

My goal is to add granular MIDI control to Milkdrop, i.e. real-time, performance oriented preset editing, mashup control, parameter changes, etc.

I'd like to be able to use a 61 key MIDI keyboard (with various assignable knobs/buttons/sliders/etc) as a 'visual instrument'.

Also critical is the ability to 'sequence' Milkdrop visuals in something like Ableton, Cubase, etc., which would include the ability to be able to record/edit/playback a full Milkdrop 'performance' in perfect sync w/ the audio.

I can handle the MIDI part of this, and I'm pretty confident I can get the right hooks in the right places in the Milkdrop source.

What I have NOT been able to do so far is get a MIDI library wrapper to compile after adding it to the Milkdrop project in VS. I'm not even talking about modifying any Milkdrop code.

I've been working w/ rtMIDI, and have been able to write/compile a few console things in VS2008, ie grabbing MIDI input & displaying it, translating MIDI events to system-wide keyboard events even if the console window does not have focus.

Yeah, I could hack this by re-purposing/creating more keyboard hooks in milkdrop for my desired functionality, then using my stand-alone 'MIDI translator' (Yeah, I know about Bome, et al) to fake keystrokes to Milkdrop, but I really want to add native MIDI (perhaps someday OSC) to Milkdrop. It has been my dream since the first time I played w/ Milkdrop 20 years ago. I just fell in love with it, plain & simple, and nothing else 'does it' for me.

I don't care about forward compatibility with future versions of Windows, VS, WinAmp, etc. Dirt-cheap Refurbed fast Win7 compatible hardware (and video cards) on Amazon/Ebay are not going extinct anytime soon, and I'm a believer in dedicated hardware(computers) for audio/visual applications.

It's for me & my music, but I'll be happy to share the source and/or dll if I ever get it working.

At this point, I'm really begging anyone with more VS/dll/C++ experience than me to please give me the 'push start' of helping me to get the MIDI callback into the VS2008 project. After that, I think I'm good to go.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading.

P.S. You may stumble on this post elsewhere. Hope you can forgive it. As I said, I'm desperate, and it's not like there's any searchable information AT ALL on this.
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