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Ok.......that is all what I wanted .Some more contribution from pop-lovers some more voice of boy bands(Sorry if you don’t like the word Jess, I love it ........and actually, the word itself has some attractions).

So ya, again the matter comes.......that they don't write the songs or don't sing the songs in concerts.Ok, its true.

But why do you all think it’s a negative thing? Do you think only you’ve noticed it? All the fans of them don't know it? As Jess also told that its easily noticed that sometimes they don’t sing songs and everyone also knows that they don’t write the songs..........actaully they don’t need to write..........they have got other talents to show.So its not a negative thing at all &we don’t care ‘bout it.

The people know that they don't write the songs.........still the fans try to buy the music. The fans also know that sometimes(I'm telling it over & over ......not always........sometimes........I can show you lots of live concerts where the bands do sing live) they don't sing in the concerts but still the fans try their best to get the tickets. To go there see them and to hear the music(no matter its live or recorded,it belongs to them)

So the question is why? Why the fans do that? Well, you guys will never understand that because you are not their fans.But you gotta admire one thing, if the majority prefer pop music..........there has to be something special that makes it special.......something special that you guys have missed.

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