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Ok. First of all a sincere apology to all those who have submitted a pack in the last couple of weeks (months?).

As some know, I've had major problems. I (for reasons unknown) didn't get a dorm room (free net) in Zagreb this year, and had to get a room at an appartment. I only got DSL there today (after 10 days or so of waiting).

Before that I was ill for quite long and busy with my exams when I wasn't (and when I was actually). I couldn't leave my house in Split because of that, and as you know, I only have a 56k modem there, and the modem connection only worked on my old Celeron 300A, on which I couldn't rate presets fairly (wouldn't work on my new pc).

All in all, that's behind me. I will get on it as soon as the problems with the system are gone. If they are already (didn't check yet), I'll start reviewing today.
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